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It’s been a long while between posts on this blog… but all for a good reason! I’ve been busy producing a big event at work, so my days were reduced to wake / eat / work lots / eat / work lots more / eat / sleep – repeat. Not that I mind at all, it was the most exciting project I’ve worked on since I started at the BBC.

So, the context is – my team at the Beeb have a quarterly ‘knees up’ to share ideas, projects & new developments. The last one was a bit ‘death-by-powerpoint’, so this time, I suggested we shake things up a bit. The new rules? no powerpoint, a theme (this time = innovation), lots of opportunities for staff to interact &  feedback via social media and a working group of staff to pull together the content for the day. And it all worked out beautifully.

The meeting was a lot more open than usual, with staff encouraged to tweet or text their feedback while the event was taking place. We put a big plasma screen on the left of stage, and via the genius of Richard Morland and Steve Bowbrick, a hashtag for the day #amint and visible tweets, the virtual conversation kicked off and didn’t let up until well after the event. There were about 400 comments over the course of the day, and many more after the event had ended. Lots of people shared their thoughts, observations and links about innovation through our (very innovative) virtual live conversation.

Guest speakers included Vicky Williamson talking about having an #earworm (check out, Tom Taylor talking Newspaper Club, Alastair Dant on how The Guardian visualised tweets for the World Cup (waaay more entertaining to follow than the onscreen commentary methinks), and Michelle You talking all things Songkick. We also sent staff off to see how they innovate at Absolute Radio Labs, the Media Trust, and the Telegraph; and to talk about innovation with our friends from PhD, Poke and Somethin’ Else.

Thanks to all who volunteered their time & effort, especially Nigel Smith who came up with most of the suggestions and organised the guest speakers – I’m so pleased with the way things turned out. Read more about the event on the BBC Internet Blog.

Red Button masterclass with Jac P

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